スタジオ録音、ライブ盤、ベスト盤に続いてまたしてもライブ盤(すごいかも)が前作のライブ盤とはひと味違う、ジャズテイストあふれる演奏。ほとんどインストルメンタル曲。この手の演奏は得意中の得意ってかんじだぜ~俺たちにまかせろ!って言わんばかりの演奏です。やっぱりライブでは昔から Dennis“D.T.”Thomas がMC担当ですね。(ってゆうんですよね?)

LIVE AT P,J'S(1971)


1. N.T. - 6:29 (Redd-Redd-Horne-Handy-Kool & the Gang)

2. RICKSONATA - 5:39 (R.Westfield-Kool & the Gang)

3. SOMBRERO SAM - 6:42 (Charles Lloyd)

4. RONNIE'S GROOVE - 2:57 (R.Bell-G.Redd-Kool & The Gang)

5. a) IKE'S MOOD (Isaac Hayes)


   - 10:05 (Barry Mann-Cynthia Weil-Phil Spector)

6. LUCKY FOR ME - 3:02 (Claydes Smith)

7. DUJII - 6:02 (Rick Westfield)

BONUS TRACK (Previously Unreleased)

8. THE PENGUIN - 5:10 (Kool & The Gang)


Recorded Live at P.J.'s - Hollywood, California, May 29, 1971


Robert (Kool) Bell - Bass

Ronald Bell - Tenor & Soprano Sax

George Brown - Drums

Robert (Spike) Mickens - Trumpet & Bongos

Dennis Thomas - Alto Sax, Flute & Congas

Claydes Smith - Guitar

Ricky West - Electric Piano, Organ & Tambourine


Additional Studio Strings

Selwart Clark - Violin

Gayle Dixon - Violin

Nina Simon - Violin

Winston Collymore - Violin

Warren La Fredo - Viola

Kermit Moore - Cello


Red-Coach Production Staff

Gene Redd Sr.

Sharon Redd

Danald Redd

Bobby Redd

Bobby Bedney

Willie Feaster


Producer: Gene Redd Jr. Arrenger: Gene Redd Jr.

Original Art Direction/Design: Douglas Fiske Art Direction Inc., Phila., Pa.

Engineer: Malcom Addey

Recording Studio: Gotham Studios

Copyist: Gene Redd Sr.

Editing: Gene Redd Sr.


Digitally Remastering: Gary N. Mayo at Universal Music Studios

Researched and Supervised by Harry Weingner with

thanks to Suha Gur and Cleveland Brown

Package Redesign by: Mathieu Bitton Inc.


#1-7 originally released as De-Lite DE-2010, October 1971

#8 was recorded for the album but was not used in the original release.

An edited version of this complete performance was issued as a single

and later appeared on the album "The Best Of Kool & The Gang" Featuring The Penguin.